80L to enjoy

Our Pro model is created for those bicycle couriers that need to go that extra mile with their tools for work. The professional model is bigger and more resistant, we include additional seams and reinforcements to the parts of the bag that suffer the most wear and tear. Equipped with a USB outlet to charge your office equipment, mobile, lights or bluetooth speaker. More adjustable straps and fasteners, two additional straps for those out of the ordinary packages, NFC technology to make gadget connection easier. All this with a comfort that will ease those long working hours. Our technical range is made with the best materials. With Cordura 1000 and high resistance ripstop fabrics, all the materials are completely waterproof, including the zips.

We are conscious that the courier world is very diverse and that’s why this line is also adaptable to the needs of each and every courier. If you need a specific size or characteristic, don’t hesitate to contact us!